The Hidden Culprit Making Your Home Dusty

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“Why is my house so dusty?” As a residential maid service in Montgomery County, TX, this is a question we get from a lot of our clients this time of year. It seems that every summer, residents in Texas find that their homes seem to accumulate a never-ending layer of dust, despite their best efforts to keep things clean. If you’re experiencing a particularly dusty summer yourself, there may be a hidden culprit in your home to blame—your AC filter.

If you have central air and you’ve noticed a lot of dust on walls, floors and furnishings, despite your best dusting and vacuuming efforts, chances are your AC filter is to blame. A filter that is clogged or dirty will have a hard time removing pollutants, such as dust, from the air. In fact, a saturated air filter can actually contribute to the dust in your home by re-circulating and blowing dust around. But a dusty home is not a guarantee that your filter is to blame. So before you head out to buy a new filter or call an AC contractor, take a look at these other signs that it’s time to change your AC filter:

  • Allergy symptoms worsen: If you have anyone in your home who suffers from allergies, their symptoms may worsen if your AC filter isn’t doing its job correctly. If your air filter is clogged, it can’t remove allergens such as pollen, pet hair and, of course, dust from the air the way it should, resulting in a poor quality of air that will worsen allergy symptoms.
  • Dusty air vents: The air vents for your AC system will always have a bit of dust on them, but if you notice that your air vents are very dusty or even clogged with dirt and dust, chances are your air filter is also clogged and is now blowing dust out through your vents rather than clean, filtered air.
  • Your energy bill goes up: Does your energy bill seem abnormally high this summer? If the answer is “yes,” your AC unit may not be running efficiently due to a clogged air filter. When the air filter becomes clogged, your system has to run harder to circulate the air through the filter, resulting in a higher energy bill.
  • Try the white paper test: The white paper test is a simple DIY test to see how well your air filter is working. Simply hang a white sheet of paper about 5 to 8 inches away from one of your air vents for about an hour. The grayer the sheet becomes, the dirtier your filter is.

If you do determine that your air filter needs to be changed, it’s a simple fix that you can usually do yourself. Once you get your air filter replaced, don’t forget to call A British Touch, your local, privately owned residential maid service in Montgomery County, TX. We’ll have your home dust-free again in no time and help keep it that way all summer long!

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