Change AC Filters to Maximize Office Cleaning Services in Conroe, TX

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When the summer temperatures rise, the air conditioning must go on. It’s a necessity to be able to adequately cool your office during the hotter months, so you probably know that your air conditioning needs to be reliable. If the AC goes out, you’re dealing with a miserable situation that may or may not lead to a quick resolution.

If you take good care of your air conditioning system, you’ll face less potential downtime—and you’ll probably notice that you’ll get more efficient cooling out of your unit, too. One of the most important things you can do is change the AC filter regularly. When you do this, you also help your office cleaning services in Conroe, TX to more effectively clean your space.

How often to change your filter

Experts recommend that you replace your air conditioning filter once a month during peak cooling season—or, if your unit uses a washable filter, just clean the filter each month. Changing the filter each month keeps dust and dirt from building up in the filter. A clean filter in good condition allows more cool air to pass through.

Frequent filter changes can also bolster your AC and protect against breakdowns. When your filter is dirty, the unit has to work much harder to maintain a cool temperature in your office. This puts excessive strain on the components that allow the air conditioner to function, which could lead to a broken unit.

How to change your filter

If a maintenance team is in charge of taking care of your air conditioning system, check in with them to find out how often they change the filter. If you maintain the AC yourself but haven’t changed the filter before, you’ll probably find that it’s pretty easy to do. Just check in with an HVAC technician first for a lesson.

It’s important to make sure you replace your current filter with the right type and size of filter for the unit. The specifications are usually listed on the side of the filter. Before you attempt to change the filter, always turn off the unit and circuit breaker power first. This protects you from electric shock and prevents dirt from being trapped in the unit.

A clean filter is easier to maintain

Changing your AC filter as recommended also helps you to get the most out of your office cleaning services in Conroe, TX. A dirty filter can defeat the purpose of even the most thorough dusting. If you’re noticing that your office is more dusty than usual, even after a “deep clean,” it’s probably time to change your AC filter.

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